Community Health Research Network

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Supporting safe, strong, healthy, & vibrant communities




To engage in research partnerships that explore the social determinants of health for the purpose of improving health outcomes with minority and marginalized populations.


To achieve our vision, we are committed to:

  1. Working with community members, building community capacity to lead by providing research training and employment opportunities
  2. Making all research relevant to community priorities
  3. Sharing all research findings and outcomes to improve community health outcomes
  4. Encouraging the sharing of research among all stakeholders in health research
  5. Working with post-secondary and community colleges to mentor and support future health researchers or providers




Using a participatory approach to research, we:

  1. Aim to understand the relation between social determinants and health outcomes
  2. Develop community based programs that will contribute to healthy outcomes
  3. Support bi-directional capacity building and knowledge exchange
  4. Provide research training opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students
  5. Provide opportunities for research training and employment for community members


Network members explore health-related research topics, identified by community members, using a Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) approach. This approach (Israel, Schulz, Parker, & Becker, 2001):

  1. Recognizes community as a unit of identity
  2. Builds on strengths and resources within the community
  3. Facilitates collaborative, equitable involvement of all partners in all phases of the research
  4. Integrates knowledge and action for mutual benefit of all partners
  5. Promotes a co-learning and empowering process that attends to social inequalities
  6. Involves a cyclical and iterative process
  7. Addresses health from both positive and ecological perspectives
  8. Disseminates findings and knowledge gained to all partners
  9. Involves a long-term commitment by all partners

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Community Partners